Stephen Carrol

crop ps1 O, OH, mixed emotions
crop ps1 O, OH, mixed emotions

Stephen is a full-time fine art photographer who works with amateur models to create images which tell a story and carry an emotional impact. Though his academic background in philosophy and art history often shows up in his work, his love of cinema is probably the most visible influence in his high-contrast low-saturation often edgy narrative style.
Recurring themes in his work include male/female gender roles, couple and family relationships, the voyeuristic nature of photography, art as a mirror of the soul, interior vs. exterior, and water as a metaphor for the dissolving power of emotion. Though you will find an occasional barren foggy landscape in his portfolio, most of his images include one or more person, however small, since his main goal is to address the nature of our human condition… and to end up on the cover of a few books which do the same.
After living in New Orleans, Chicago and Bordeaux, Stephen returned to his roots in rural Virginia (west of Washington, DC) first to build custom homes, then to write short fiction, now to construct fictional photographic tableaux.
Apart from some technical classes, particularly lighting, Stephen is essentially self-taught in what matters most, the art of photography. (source:

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