Craig Becker

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“Stories form the foundation of our human experience. I create incomplete stories where the elements of the image touch but their relationship is ambiguous. This encourages the viewer to connect the dots and create their own narrative. The framework is visually and emotionally complex, inviting exploration into the beauty within the shadows.”. Craig Becker is a photo-based artist whose varied creative experiences – professional photographer, digital fine art printer and collagist – are each marked by the exploration for the visually evocative. In his current work, he combines all of these experiences to create richly layered images exploring our past, present and future. From his lakeside studio in rural Maine, he combines his work with archi- val photographs. The image is constantly transformed during an intuitive and spontaneous process. While the process is intricately complex and technical, the source of inspiration is universal themes. The work comes together around notions of the unknown, filters, perceptions, loss and transformation. But with all of the leaps he asks of them, the extent to which the narrative is stitched together ultimately lies with the viewer, His work has been published in national magazines, numerous books and exhibited nationally and internationally.
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