Davis Ayer

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full project

“Born and raised in Austin, Texas,  Davis Ayer began taking photos in 2007.  Coming from a background in architectural history, he was originally drawn to space, shapes, and abstract compositions.   Under the mentorship of architectural photographer Casey Dunn,  he was soon introduced to the world of analogue film, and artists like Steven Shore, Joel Sternfeld, and Andreas Gursky.  

Finding truth in the emulsion, Ayer set forth on a journey of self discovery that continues to this day.  

Currently based in Los Angeles, and available for work worldwide.”

“His work comes forth through the precision of technicality but ultimately breaks most every rule there is with stunning alacrity… In many ways, that is the mark of a work of art: you can see it hundreds of times and still find something beautiful and new within it each time you look. ”

— Lindsey Rae Gjording, BEAUTIFUL DECAY




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