Tony Bowen

Scratch – Urban Palimpsests – selected works 

tony bowen 4

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“This (ongoing) body of photographs documents found glass surfaces in various locations in London and Sussex.
Over time, echoes of various narratives emerge, comprising natural marks (detritus, moisture, weathering) and deliberate ones (an intimate declaration, a violent outburst, a confessional message, an incoherent gesture reminiscent of some kind of primal automatism). Gradually, various elements arrive and coexist – often quite briefly – leaving an unusual trace of what each space has witnessed.
I am fascinated by the rawness, the ambiguity and the contexts of these natural palimpsests. It is rarely clear how and why these stories emerged: half-told, semi-visible, obscure, over-written, often crude, always fleeting ghosts of experience catch the light occasionally to reveal a mysterious calligraphy and to trigger a sense of forensic curiosity. At their best, two or more incidents combine to offer unintended juxtapositions, interpretations and potential meanings. This body of work seeks firstly to examine this rather unusual mark making, to amplify unheard voices, and to encourage exploration of the corners and recesses of our immediate environments. These photographs also seek to celebrate the richness and beauty found in the banal; the ordinary; the present, and to find new ways of looking at landscape.”

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