Luca Orsi

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img-2.ashx img-3.ashx“At the age of 18 I was given by my father who is a photographer, my very first camera. Ever since then I started studying the technique of photography technique by following him on advertising sets and educating my eye to the continuos observation of what surrounded me as a possible object of photographic interest. During college using the reflex camera was my main way of self-expression.

To me photographing is telling (a story) through the subjects of reality, creating impressions and making local custom and the people who live them fascinating. I try to intrigue the spectator into knowing more of what I’m looking at. My aim is to capture the essence of the situation through the ongoing observation, is to go beyond the aesthetic beauty of a shot and bring to life the genuineness of the world in which it lies. An education in Humanities and a passion for cinema, culminated in a degree thesis in the direction of photography in movies which gave me that continuing need to search the poetic atmosphere and the extraordinary within the ordinary.”   /
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