Jennifer Garza-Cuen


– selected works
Reno 3F 002

“As member of a society that views ideas of place as a central defining characteristic, second only to name and followed closely by profession, I have embarked on an exploration aimed at understanding place and subjective place making. In Reno I attempt to come to terms with the defining force of place while returning to my own experience of being a wanderer – a state that obscures identity and embodies what it means to exist outside the codified order of the defined.

In presenting the characters as archetypes I have emptied them of their individual meaning; they become hyperreal, histo-cinematic, merging with there surroundings in forming an image of place that is uncannily familiar, evoking a cultural memory, not experienced but known. I am interested in the subject of place particularly because even as it is being rendered mute in an age of transience, hybridity and cross-culturality; still we cling to its ability to carry definitions; still we retain the ‘myth of origin’.”

Reno 3F 003

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