Jess T. Dugan

every breat we drew – selected works


cb70b70119c5eb5d-Betsy_bedJess T. Dugan is an artist whose work explores issues of gender, sexuality, identity, and community.  She earned a BFA in Photography from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, a Master of Liberal Arts in Museum Studies from Harvard University, and an MFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago.


Jess’s work has been exhibited nationwide, including exhibitions at the San Diego Museum of Art, the Griffin Museum of Photography, Gallery Kayafas (Boston, MA), Carroll and Sons Gallery (Boston, MA), the Schneider Gallery (Chicago, IL), Michael Mazzeo Gallery (New York, NY), JDC Fine Art (San Diego, CA), the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery (Atlanta, GA), the Leslie/Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, the RayKo Photo Center, and the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University.

Esvan and Richard
Esvan and Richard

Her photographs are in the permanent collections of the Harvard Art Museum, the Birmingham Museum of Art, the Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona, the Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College, the DePaul Art Museum, the Michele and Donald D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts, and the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction.  
Her first monograph, Every breath we drew, will be published by Daylight Books in 2015.

Within the museum field, Jess has worked as a collections specialist at the Harvard Art Museum, as a museum photographer at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, and as a Curatorial Assistant at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, IL.  

Jess is represented by the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago, IL and Gallery Kayafas in Boston, MA.”


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