Giles Revell

The Human Form – selected works


“Pushing familiar subjects in new and increasingly engaging directions is a challenge that Giles continues to explore. Throughout this work he reveals a graphic quality, reducing the amount of information required to suggest form.”


inspiration continues here


“Influenced by fine art and conceptualism, Giles Revell’s work is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities of graphic, ideas-based imagery and the different ways in which photographic images can imply form, surface or texture via the simplest means. In addition to ‘pure’, traditional photography, Giles’s personal work continues to explore the creative potential of digital technologies.07-black-on-black2_l

Represented by the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London, Giles has won numerous awards for his work, which has been published and exhibited around the world. Alongside his personal work, he continues to produce images for commercial clients such as the English National Opera (ENO), Mercedes, Nike, Levi’s and Sony.08-black-on-black3_l

Giles’ work is featured in March 2010’s Elephant Magazine, available to order from Magma.”

selected by Nico


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