Jared Tyler

jared tyler 2

the Zodiac

So today I am starting a portrait series based on color and the Zodiac.  This is Purple.
I won’t be going in any particular order, and I know there are a lot of different views on these astrological signs and colors but I figured I would do my own spin on it anyway.”

jared tyler

“Consider me as one of the creators here on planet Earth.
Photography has changed my life along with many.
It has given others and myself a chance to step back in this world and appreciate the details that would otherwise go missed.
Photos test the boundaries of time.
They are the only visual proof of memories we have.
Whether it be shot in film or file, a visual interpretation of the world through a viewfinder offers proof, honesty, and raw emotion.
Photography has taught me to focus both on the big picture, but also on the fine grain.
It builds an identity for the faces and places around me.
I can’t even picture life without creativity anymore. I
t has changed the way I see myself and others in the world.”

step inside


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