Helio Bray (aka Bray)


Hélio, best known for ‘Bray’, is an artist in constant transformation, and he had never seen the now well-known “graffiti” before painting for his first time on a wall. The reason binds to the fact that he had always lived far away from major urban areas and all their inherent art at the time. Since then, Hélio has been developing strongly his own form of artistic expression. He started with the “graffiti”, to which could be attributed the beginnings of his work. Alchemy and empathy with all the necessary technical material to this art run in his veins and it could be said that painting and expressing feelings and emotions are definitively part of him. He passed through several stages and styles within the “graffiti”, mixing over the years several techniques.


We can also emphasize his works in the field of fashion design, with its own brand, that he implemented to the urban clothing with several studies linked to the customization of various objects, including tennis shoes and some partnerships with brands like Vans, DC, Adidas and Quicksilver. He was also part of the organization of the first Quiksilver BowlRiders in Portugal. A special emphasis on his works at the exhibition ‘We Love Sneackers’, a partnership that was made exclusively with Adidas and Vans and that took place in Lisbon, we can highlight also his individual exposure at “FOR ALL SHAPES” , CLAIMNESS/Montanashop&gallery, STROKE URBAN ART FAIR BERLIN/MUNIQUE,for a artistic partnership with 1XRUN Detroit and some other projects recently developed with the urban Gallery GAU from the City Hall of Lisbon. There are still many projects in which Helio Bray was and continues to be involved, but let´s summarise that he is a real “versatile artist”.A special word for my Crews THUNDERS & LEGcrew.”

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