Shelter Add

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– Disambigua Art Space & Hush Gallery –
Shelter Add
A solo exhibition by Riccardo Ajossa


curators:  Bilge Ertem and Carla Paiolo

05.17.2014 – 07.05.2014

When art is evaluated through paths deserting the bloodless nature of a screen and touches on the virtual as an additional element, echoes of a material which is and remains purely organic: paper.

The exhibition is the first collaboration between Disambigua ArtSpace and Hush Gallery, raised from the wish of a dialogue between two spaces and based on the concept of a ‘hosting exchange’ with the aim of creating an open dialogue between two realities/containers and the related countries: Italy and Turkey.

To go deeply in SHELTER ADD, we have to imagine a swell of paths connected to the thought and then visualize them going through an uncontaminated nature. Just think about a cold screen to touch that contains sensitive material. The content author is Riccardo Ajossa and a partial concept, which coincides with his solo exhibition, designed for a place, Hush Gallery in Istanbul. Our gesture will move an accumulation of poetic immersions in which recurs a precise chemical formula:(C6H10O5)N. It is cellulose. Paper. Just cherish this formula as an access username for the virtual, a mental aid to cross the codes conversion inherent in things that require automatic gestures, so as to reach in some way the physicalness of the works.

These works require a focused gaze that only the coldness of a screen can give and makes us understand them only in part. They all have a peculiar smell, to which we add that of our skin, while we are listening to the beat of a vital organ, or we imagine its arrest. Behind every machine there is a man and in the case of SHELTER ADD the virtual shows us a partial mark, an evidence detached from reality, that is functional in a universe that tends to the network sharing, where the collective memory will have to face the disappearance of the paper.

The real space that hosts and from which we can access SHELTER ADD is the Hush Gallery, a tangible space. Disambigua ArtSpace (Virtual D), a virtual world, an attempt of reproduction.


The concept of exhibition araises by considering several factors. The first is conceptually con


nected to the architecture of the gallery- divided between two floors- and the opportunity to work in the lower floor, that is in the basement. This feature of the space, it was for the artist, the element that led him to consider the hypothesis of a shelter, to contain and support, and in which he places the considerations learned and pondered in the silence, the deepest. A shelter because the tought goes to a place in which to seek affection or unfortunately in which to hide, consequent and dependent on the crimes of a humanity historically placeable and impossible to accept, that keep on occuring. A concepts that increases its sense in the social context where it is set out and in the dialogue opened with the space that receive it.
Riccardo Ajossa has conceived SHELTER ADD as a temporary special location, fluctuating, in which exhibit and get coexist multiple works.

Papers. Handmade papers by himself, watermarks of vital parts, antique tables of mechanical elements, papers found while traveling and manipulated through strings, in which he underlined in pencil or written thoughts, impressed images, analyzed himself and his physicality, the chemical that causes life and death. In these works he analyzed the poetry remains, his ‘inexhaustible secret’, the transitive property of the human being of that ‘common sense’, and about the ‘N times’ where this feeling has become a nonsense. And then the silence, that of books, fibers and wrecks or himself who asks questions, dilates times, seeking order and he feels confused. Some papers are opalescent, let half-view of cargos that may make their way to the lost souls in the seas, or sailing on earth. We don’t know what is the Country to which the cargo is directed, it could be one of many, something eludes in this great dimension, or maybe there is the feeling that the peace has become a nonsense, a non-place. There is a deep sense of unsuitableness, but also of vital instinct. We can realize the bond between Riccardo and who gave him the gift of these opalescent papers. That person has inherited papers which in that historical period, allowed to save a loved one from the hell of the nazi concentration camps, but above all, he inherited what it means to be human.

Here’s way the screen can not make express as a whole the essence of the work, because this is just a detail.

Artist declares himself to be vulnerable and perhaps because he feels responsible for what he communicates through his thoughts and his art.

Ever and anon he repeats circles, trying to find answers in chemical formulas, trying to put order. You can die standing in life.

We can decide to forget and to not consider that besides a visible surface, there is always an inside we do not perceive, a heart, which has to let go. Watermarks of the paper are signs of access and obstacles at the same time; to see them, they have to be empty entities; arise from interventions on the mould that keep out the pulp of the paper. For this reason the paper is a valuable material to him since allows infinite possibilities; he resists, lighting up himself, escapes from the virtual control, saving his space. In the time it has been the repository of many things and, even today, do not stop doing it. Riccardo feels the paper and sees a small room as a hangar of possibilities, without censuring the emotion, he lets us return to scents, those of poetry, in spite of everything. N times poetry.

Self portrait
Cellobiosio and me
Leaving to a place unknow, Syria
Small mechanisms
While wayting for you to come back
While waiting for you to come back at night
Di questa poesia mi resta quel nulla di inesauribile segreto


shelter add

Hush Gallery, İtalyan sanatçı Riccardo Ajossa’nın İstanbul’daki ilk kişisel sergisi “SHELTER ADD”e “17 Mayıs-5 Temmuz 2014” tarihleri arasında ev sahipliği yapıyor. Ajossa’nın çalışmalarında “Kağıt” malzemesine odaklanarak sadece bu malzemenin yankılarının tamamen organik kaldığını sorguladığı “Shelter ADD” sergisi her gün 11.00-19.00 saatleri arasında Yeldeğirmeni’nde konumlanan Hush’da gezilebilir.

Disambigua ArtSpace kurucusu Carla Paiolo ve Hush Gallery’nin ilk işbirliği olan bu sergi, “İtalya ve Türkiye” ve iki gerçeklik arasında açık bir diyalog oluşturmak amacıyla, ‘hosting exchange’ görüşüyle ortaya çıkmıştır. Shelter Add sergisi bu projenin ilk ürünüdür, ilerleyen dönemde Viterbo şehrinde bulunan Disambigua ArtSpace’de ortak sergi projesi gerçekleşmesi hedeflenmektedir.

SHELTER ADD’i derinlemesine anlamak için önce düşünceye bağlanan birçok yol tasavvur etmemiz ve daha sonra bu yolların kirlenmemiş bir doğadan geçtiğini hayal etmemiz gerekir. Hassas malzemelerle üretilmiş teknolojik soğuk bir ekrana dokunduğunuzu düşünün. Bu dokunuşunuz, şiirsel bir birikimi harekete geçirecek ve bunlar sonuçta net bir kimyasal formüle dönüşecektir: (C6H10O5)N. Bu selülozdur – yani ‘Kağıt’. Eserlerin fiziğine erişebilmek için, bu formülü, sanal dünyaya erişen bir kullanıcı adı, otomatik hareketler gerektiren şeylerin doğasındaki kodları değiştirmede zihinsel bir yardım olarak bağrınıza basmalısınız.

Bu eserler sadece bir ekranın donukluğunun verebileceği odaklanmış bir bakış gerektirir ve bu onların sadece bir kısmını anlamamıza yardımcı olur. Herbir eserin kendine özgü bir kokusu var; hayati bir organın atışını dinlerken ya da onun hapsini hayal ederken kendimizinkini eklediğimiz bir koku. Riccardo Ajossa kağıdı hisseder ve onu, duyguları sansürlemeyen, bir hangar dolusu imkanları içeren küçük bir oda olarak görür. Herşeye rağmen, güzel kokulara, şiirin kokusuna dönmemizi sağlar.

SHELTER ADD’e ulaşabileceğimiz ve ona ev sahipliği yapan somut mekan Hush Gallery’ dir. Disambigua Art Space’in oluşturduğu Virtual D projesi ile websitesi üzerinden 17 mayıs açılış gününden itibaren sergi İtalyan izleyicilerle de buluşma imkanı bulacak.

Hush Gallery
Rasimpaşa Mah. Rıhtım Cad. İskele Sok. 29/A Kadıköy / İstanbul

+90 532 2854904 ,

Disambigua Artspace. A mechanism based on urgency that creates liberated fabrics, between floating zones and accessible landscapes. Everything feeds on connecting territories, leading up to anomalies. Disambigua does not believe in clichés. It finds and records airy parallels, becoming a connection between formats that go beyond the concept of pre-determined shapes. It rejuvenates itself with every fleeting moment. Passengers in transit through a vertical entry preparing to enjoy an itinerant dance. Disambigua-art-space-logo
Riccardo Ajossa Riccardo-Ajossa


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