Chelsie Olivieri

chelsie olivieri is a twenty two year old creative film photographer from the greater philadelphia area. 

orange you happy…

Hi there! My name is Chelsie, I’m twenty two & I’m from the Greater Philadelphia area. I started my wedding photography business, Dependent on the Winds, a little over two years ago, but have been shooting creatively {analog & polaroids} for much longer. 

Many have asked, “where did you come up with the name, Dependent on the Winds?”

– Not gonna lie.. it took me FOREVER to figure out a name. Never thought, Chelsie Olivieri, was “cool” enough to be the title of my business, which then led to list after list of ideas.  
I came up with it one day after reading about boats & sails..  
seems random, right? {it has nothing to do with photography.. who said it needed to!}

chelsie olivieri
she smelled of daisies, she smelled of daisies…

well, it talked about how sailors would be stranded for days and weeks if the winds were calm. 
They became dependent on the winds to carry them to their destinations.  
My mind ran with that.. It made me think about people today, even about myself.. We all get stranded sometimes, but our hopes, our dreams can carry us like the wind.  It’s a very refreshing and shall I say, “airy” way of putting things. 
Photography has always been something I loved to do. I was never okay with having a regular ol’ 9-5 job. That’s why I decided to start my own business.. my dream job.  
One of my favorite things about shooting weddings is getting to know my couples. I love hearing their story.. how they met, how he proposed. It’s something so personal and truly amazing that a total stranger {me} can become one of the most important people of YOUR special day.. .& I’m a lucky gal to be THAT person! 

may fifth

If you’re interested in learning more about me and or would like to book a session get in touch! 

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