Jake Stollery -Oracle


He Made She Made — Sydney, 2013

Jake Stollery, Oracle

Photograph by Tomasz Machnik Photography.

Oracle is an amalgam of concepts tied together by the common thread of the user interface. To that end, it is a reflection of AI and UI as they exist in society’s consciousness: On first glance masculine, cold and austere; yet muted in its austerity and restrained by a warmth that is undeniably feminine.

Oracle was crafted by utilising a hacked Kinect depth sensor as a 3D scanner, modeled in 3D space and 3D laser printed using a durable Nylon Polymer.

X 145mm Y 203mm Z 113mm
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Polymer Duraform
Colour-Fast Dye


Jake Stollerys work intersects the lines between fashion, art and technology. It explores human identity in a digital landscape and draws inspiration from a mix of 90s cyberpunk, dusty science fiction and new media experiments.
Currently based in Melbourne, Jake’s portfolio encompasses fashion, projection installations, street art, new media experiments, jewelry design and exhibitions. Defying easy categorisation, it’s propelled by a mix of futurism, pattern recognition, and emerging media.

A digital search for the ghost in the machine…


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