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Bill Viola – The Messenger

Run away and travelling Been looking every day I watch you as you hesitate Walking through the rain I bet I get company again They try to redefine Everything had a … Got know you’re mine

Feel the wave that the wind blows to the room Knocking way down to the heart That just don’t be the fame in the room That neither will be the… Ima find in this hour Can I be more? And I’ll be just a fool It always gets so hard To see right before the moon Can I be more than just a fool? It always gets so hard To see right before the moon

Far away mile there’s a black sunrise and a land And it moves to the midnight rain How can I surround myself in time and time again? How can I be free? Just wanna land the moon right And let shine and see me under It never gets too dark to find Anybody at anytime I’m the dark and you’re the sun And there’s a haze right between the trees And I can barely see you You’re an ocean in between the waves

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The Messenger, 1996. Single-channel video and sound installation, continuous loop, 25 × 30 × 32 feet (762 × 914.4 × 975.4 cm), edition 2/3. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, Gift, The Bohen Foundation 2000.60 © Bill Viola

Initially installed in England’s Durham Cathedral, The Messenger reveals some of Viola’s central thematic concerns and formal techniques. Projected on a large scale and played on a continuous loop, the video pictures a watery zone within which a naked man slowly materializes. Upon surfacing, he takes a rejuvenating breath only to descend again, his form dissolving into the dark water. Implied here are the universal cycles of birth and death as well as the basic act of speech itself…( Bill Viola – Guggenheim Collection )


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