Eeva Hannula

05_Dead Spots Dead Spots
From The series The Structure of Uncertainty, 2012
Pigment print on aluminium 101,4 x 101,4 framed Edition 5 + 2 AP

04_ All the Empty Spaces

“The title of my work is The Structure of Uncertainty. My pictures form a paradoxical structure in which I deal with the uncertainty of observations, feelings and essences. I deal with the main concept of uncertainty and I approach it from different points of view.

I see my work as an attempt to shake the essence of things and to chance their everyday meanings. I create contradictions, atmospheres with combination of lightness and weight-familiar and unfamiliar.

I use Sigmund Freud´s concept of the uncanny to describe my relation towards my images. By using the familiar and unfamiliar together I deal with conflicting feelings and surprising combinations which create questions. Covering and hiding part of the image is a metaphor for experiences and feelings where something is repressed or incomprehensible.

I use personal archive material and staged photography together.
As material errors, chances and experimentation are essential to my work. I experience my ideas the way I feel poems which give words to experiences in a surprising way that can`t be expressed in ordinary language. I rewrite my images as poems that are filled of meanings by contrasting them to each other or editing them. To me the image is an uncertain matter located between fact and fiction, language and body.” – Eeva Hannula


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