“Hope-True-Ambition” – Rafał Karcz interview

Rafał Karcz

øTheP:     Where were you born?/Where did you grow up?

    RK:     I was born and grow up in Kracow, Poland.

øTheP:     Who (or what) do you love?

    RK:     Family, art, music, movies and peace.

øTheP:     When did you first discover your creative talents?

    RK:      I discovered my talent  circa ten years ago. I talk about painting as graphic design as well.  Photography, seriously,  only three years ago…

øTheP:     Who and/or what are some of your influences?

    RK:     Influences are varied.  Ranging from baroque painting by pop art with the new figuration. We’re talking about painting, mainly because it inspires me.
My favorite painters contemporaries: Florian Süssmayr, Michael Borremans, Paul P.
Photographer: Kesler Tran

øTheP:     How would you describe your art to someone who could not see it?

    RK:     Realism or too new realism with elements of psychodelia. Quasi-reporter method of working, photograph the rapidly made, and captured the action happening…

øTheP:     How do you prepare yourself for a day of shooting? Rituals?

    RK:      Just think about setting and framing, or: “what color accents use?”. Not cooperating and positive attitude models :-)))

øTheP:     Which is your favorite piece you have created? and Why?

    RK:     Basically I don`t have a favorite single work, at most a wider cycles…

øTheP:     If you could spend the day with anyone – living or deceased whom would you choose and what would hope to gain from the experience?

    RK:     I’d spend in the studio of painter and photographer: Chuck Close, to know the ins and outs of his have any way of thinking or creative spelling method…

øTheP:     What is your secret  ambition?

    RK:     Hang as shown by for either edition art basel, basel, or also in Miami ;-)))

øTheP:     What is your favorite word?

    RK:     Hope-True-Ambition.

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