Kelsey Henderson / art dept


Born in Massachusetts, 1982.
Currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York Education:B.F.A. in Painting, Rhode Island School of Design.

Kelsey Henderson’s brutal, larger than life-size portraits and environments are an aesthetic investigation of perception and attraction. Following her instincts to select her subjects, she starts with photography to arrange and compose her paintings, but at the core of her work, the emphasis on the skin enables the artist to continue exploring the idea of the ‘Platonic Crush’, a hybrid (both intellectual and physical) attraction to beauty devoid of sex, ignoring gender and embracing physical and emotional flaws. Using a desaturated palette, these suffocatingly pale portraits become almost translucent; bruises, scars, veins and tendons shine through, not as imperfections, but emblems of beauty, to be coveted. Like the screen becomes the dream in Hitchcock, the skin becomes the mirror in Henderson’s excruciatingly raw, unprotected bodies, giving them an subtly hidden layer of self-portratization, baring her own emblems, and by implication, all those of anyone who looks at her images.


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