George Pratt / illustration

George Pratt illustration øThePbiopic1Born October 13, 1960, in Beaumont, Texas, George Pratt moved to New York City in 1980 to study Drawing and Painting at Pratt Institute, where he later taught Junior and Senior-level Methods and Media, as well as Sequential Storytelling for seven years. He also taught for two years at the Joe Kubert School in Dover, New Jersey; did per diem teaching for the Master Illustration program at SVA for Marshal Arisman; was Visiting Professor for ten weeks at Savannah College of Art and Design; and taught full-time at Virginia Commonwealth University for three years. He now teaches full-time at Ringling College of Art and Design.

A successful painter, his work is in private collections throughout the world, and has been exhibited in the Houston Museum of Fine Art.  Read more:

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