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photo1-505x505I’ve truly seen it all in this town, everything from being shot at from pointblank range to witnessing the birth of my two beautiful children. I can’t really see myself living any place else, and I never get bored roaming the streets with a camera.” — Travis Jensenon his adopted city of San Francisco.

Travis Jensen has a knack for connecting with people and getting them to bear their souls…

Scouring the streets of San Francisco on a daily basis, Jensen doesn’t just photograph the unique, eclectic characters and environment of the city, he brings his subjects kicking and screaming to life for his legion of fans — exploring the realstreet life and personalities that few tourists get to see. If you’re a “fixture” on the streets of San Francisco, chances are Travis already knows you, has interacted with you, traded life stories, learned about your past, or shared a drink with you. And of course…has photographed you.

Travis’s relentless passion for shooting photos has resulted in his deeply personal, striking and unapologetic work being exhibited numerous times, while appearing in a variety of print and online publications. He’s also collaborated with multiple big-name companies and has published several books. But his pursuit of photography has never been about making money. Most of the profits from his photos and books are donated to Larkin Street Youth Services — a San Francisco-based non-profit organization that provides various support services for at-risk youth living on the street.

As an at-risk youth himself once — coming to San Francisco fresh out of high school and becoming immersed in the thriving skateboard scene — Jensen believes in giving back to the city that raised him and taught him so much. “Growing up” in the city, the streets have never quite left him — and he has a special understanding of his home and its inhabitants that is uniquely reflected in his stunning candid shots and street portraits. ( )

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