Cesar Lechowick

Anthony and Cleopatra

Anthony and Cleopatra is a photographer’s trauma induced vision of a threesome manifesting bourgeois dystopia. The series of effete portraits and arcane still lifes depict the intimacies and idiosyncrasies of a threesome clinging to the facade of American success within a culture of decline. Sources for the body of work come from film, photography and cuts from contemporary visual culture. Literary, cinematic, biblical and high art references interact in a surreal, day-mare blending of classic and pop. Allusions to Fitzgerald’s The Beautiful and Damned, Cassevettes’ Woman Under the Influence, and the Classical figure in art history blend to produce anachronistic images that conflate temporality with the photographer’s subconscious. The photographer as member of this dissolute threesome reflects his fleeting desire to live a life not his, by intimately transforming his best friend and his lover into an isolated, paradigmatic, couple leading a fading life of sad decadence and dark humor.

Cesar Lechowick

Cesar Lechowick portfolio

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