Jiang Guofang /forma mentis /paintings

Jiang Guofang graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China. He started his career by taking a teaching position at the same institute. He has created many paintings and since 1987 he has focused on the series of the Forbidden City.

These paintings done in oil colors resemble the realistic painting of the 18th century of the old masters. With fine details the faces, the cloths, the furniture and the interiors of the city are depicted. The painter strives to fascinate us through these details and through the use of rich colors. Most depicted persons do not acknowledge the spectator. They look far away lost in their own thoughts and melancholy. Jiang Guofang tries to control our gaze by creating paintings that have some parts painted extremely sharp and with meticulous detail while other parts are in soft focus, almost in a blur. He also tries to make us think about juxtapositions. For example a small boy has fallen asleep on a heavy large throne. In another case the child-emperor tries to take a look outside the walls of the Forbidden City. The huge space swallows the small human figure.
Jiang Guofang paintings carry the eloquence, the charm and the melancholy of a civilization that has died away. In these painting we glimpse its last remaining.

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