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Liqen grew up in the industrial city…of Vigo, Spain. He was inspired by the comics that he read, and from a young age graffiti also fascinated him. What influences his work most today is the animal kingdom, nature, and creatures from the earth’s depths. His pseudonym Liqen, which is a mix between an algae and a fungus, reflects his socio-biological interest in species that on first view might seem strange but that contain unique characteristics that allow them to be reborn after lying dormant for centuries. The incredible creatures in his work no doubt stem from this interest and the time he enjoys looking at insects through his magnifying glass.

Liqen’s various murals around Mexico demonstrate his critical vision about human destiny and industrialization. On a mural in Chiapas, he inverted the order of primates in a parody on evolution, to suggest humans are less evolved than we’d like to think. In his mural titled Car in Guadalajara, his intention was to create a heavy atmosphere, full of pollution to reflect the city’s traffic nightmare. The artist stands again contamination and the inhumanity that cars cause, as well the arrogance about social status that we find especially in big cities.

His participation in the Wynwood Walls in 2011 marks Liqen’s first time in United States, and we are looking forward to see what he will paint. His completed mural will be featured in the next edition of this book.  source:

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