Amirali Ghasemi

Media Artist / curator
he graduated in 2004 with a BA in graphic design from Central Tehran Azad University, with research and emphasis on digital art history.
In the summer of 1998,Ghasemi established Parkingallery ; an independent arts space in Tehran, and in 2002,, a virtual gallery, which has become an online platform for many young Iranian artists. He has shown his photography/videos/design works in Sweden, Netherlands, France, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Canada, USA, Australia, Turkey,Indonesia, South Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan. In addition, he has directed many audiovisual projects with Iranian rock bands.
As a curator, he has directed many exhibition projects for Parkingallery project space and few exhibitions as guest curator. Among them: Deep Depression (2004) Transition (2005), Deeper Depression (2006), Lost in no space (2006), Limited access (2007) and URBAN JEALOUSY (upcoming in 2008).
He is currently working as a Creative Director/Curator for Parkingallery projects & as a freelancer for various magazines, and is busy with his video installations and his ongoing interactive piece Tehran remixed, and writing about the Tehran arts scene and Iranian contemporary art in his web-log.



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