Jan Smaga

Untitled (dog), 2007

 Jan Smaga works with photography and combines classical techniques with computer editing, constructing three-dimensional photographic objects. Together with Aneta Grzeszykowska, he realized several series whose main topic was the translation of three-dimensional architectural space onto a two-dimensional image (“Plan”, 2003) and the attempt at a recreation of the three-dimensional nature of architecture with the help of spatial photographic installations (“YMCA”, 2005). The technique developed by Grzeszykowska and Smaga is reminiscent of the process of scanning – a total voyeuristic documentation of the space and the people which inhabit it. In the individual projects, the artist subjects the human body to a similar, detailed analysis of the surface. The incredible formal quality of these photographs, combined with their subject matter, sends an existential shiver down the spine. Smaga is fascinated with the illusionist power of photography, the way in which it interprets the third dimension, and the question of how deep one can look down through the even surface of a photograph – as though it had pulled the skin away from the reality…


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