A1one A.k.a Tanha  /street art

Practising Graffiti  as a full-time writer since 2003 (first contacts with Spray can sound 1995 to 1998), A1one A.k.a Tanha has developed into an international artist, alongside his Key role in graffiti /street art scene in his country and the Middle East, he has gained recognition through his colorful vibrant characters inspired by daily urban life beside Persian Ancient and Popular motifs in combination with other native patterns from Australian Aboriginal Art to Mayan narrative hieroglyphicsA1one’s art has a complex and deep-seated root in Street Culture  meanwhile being involved in The Fine arts being developed in streets .


A1one is also the co-founder of the KolahStudio , an independant Studio and Underground/Independant media which has always been an important  and sought-after source for young Persian language comers in and outside IRAN.He has exhibited his works on canvas in Tehran’s most prominent and leading galleries and has been the featured Stencil artist at Melbourne Stencil festival in 2008 by Pixnit LTD. and has shown his 2010 Ishq handstyle serries at Carhartt Public Provocations Show 2010 in Weil am Rhein…


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