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Pixel Pancho’s Photostream

Born in Turin in 1984, Pixelpancho was introduced to color and form by his grandfather who painted occasionally. With time, his passion for art and design led him to the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts followed by the Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia, Spain where he obtained his degree. During this time he became familiar with the graffiti and street art scene. Influenced by this world, he began using spray cans and marker and working on outdoor surfaces which stood out from the classic paper and canvas formula of other students. Traveling between his hometown of Turin and Valencia Pixelpancho took every opportunity to be noticed on the streets, using different mediums such as tiles, wall painting and sticker/poster art. Pretty soon his work was adorning the walls of many European cities. Pixelpancho’s work draws from several diverse influences. Traces of historic painter Joaquin Sorolla, the surrealist Salvador Dali, the political painter group “El Equipo Cronica” to the more modern Ron English, and Takashi Murakami can be seen in his work. Traveling to Paris, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Vienna and many other cties for graffiti jams and gallery exhibtion, has allowed his style to evolve from a simple Robot character to the more complex compositions in his work today. After returning to Turin in 2010 Pixelpancho, opened his first painting studio where he creates his work today. Expectations are high for this young and motivated artist who is a new talent in the art world, and he has just begun.

source and  available work on : artwhino.com


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