“Simple shape and light, nothing else” -Jose Franco interview

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 © Where were you born?/Where did you grow up?  

I was born in Mexico City in march 1980 and grew up in the same city.

 ø Who (or what) do you love?

I love life itself, I love my work and my family. I love to be at any beach, traveling, reading, going to the cinema and watching other photographers’ work. I also love to watch lots of music videos!

ø  When did you first discover your creative talents?

Hum, good question. I think I discovered I was creative back in the days I made castles with pillows in my grandparents house. Now about talking about photography I started around age 6 or 7.

ø  Who and/or what are some of your influences?

My first influence was my grandfather, he was really good at drawing  so I tried really hard to imitate him, he was also a great guy , I loved him. I don’t like to be considered influenced by anyone, but I have to admit that imitation is a way of flattering and admiration and I really admire Avedon, Helmut Newton, Andreas Bitesnich, Mario Testino, Nirrimi, Konstantin Lelyak, Ralf Kracht, Petrova Julian, Andrew Lucas and so many others I could not fill all of them in here.

ø  How would you describe your art to someone who could not see it?

I’d love to say that my work is simple shape and light, nothing else.

ø  How do you prepare yourself for a day of shooting? Rituals?

I talk to my clients, try to find out what they like, what they spect from me and then I try to go a little farther. On shooting days I wake up, take a redbull, go to my studio, gather with the team I’m working with that day and give them a brief of what we are doing that day. We then receive our clients and try to talk with them during make up so I build a higher rapport with them. I get very involved in the creative process, so I always have something to say while we are getting ready either about make up or regarding the styling. Then I turn on the Ipod and start to watch them as I browse through the music I have, that gives me a good hint about the vibe they like during the photoshoot and helps me to set the mood. I always like to keep the energy up so sometimes I crank up the music and dance while shooting.

ø  Which is your favorite piece you have created? and Why?

I still don’t have a favorite piece… I think I love them as my child. You never see a parent saying their offspring is ugly.

ø  If you could spend the day with anyone – living or deceased whom would you choose and what would hope to gain from the experience?

I’d love to spend not only a day but a whole week with my mother’s father, he was just an amazing guy and I really loved him. I’m mainly who I am today thanks to all his teachings and love.  I just hope to have a good time with him with me as a grown up man. He died when I was eight, so I think the experience would be great.

 ø What is your secret  ambition?

Secret ambitions are secret 😀 But one of the deepest ones I have is to be able to work worldwide.

ø  What is your favorite word?

Photography at it’s more basic and raw meaning: Light writer or Writer with light.

warm  thank to Jose Franco

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related posts  spanish version  | ©Jose Franco  |  Jose Franco, News!  


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