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Abstract photographer Archer Crutkaew was born in Thailand and moved to London at the tender age of 13. Yet even before this young age, she had taken a very keen interest in photography and art. From her home in London, she immersed herself in an environment where she was able to flourish and expand her creativity. Archer drew inspiration from the eclectic fashion and lifestyles of London, a theme that continues into even her modern work, drawing a striking contrast between hard architecture and the softer nuances of humanity. Her modern work has developed both technically, and artistically and shows a distinct abstract quality, encompassing a variety of styles yet retaining the unique and inimitable style that is characteristic of her photography. In a word, Archer’s work is true, and dynamic. She consistently seeks to challenge herself creatively, pushing her work forward, thus creating art which is multi-faceted and versatile. Looking forward, Archer seeks to expand her subject and context, creating art which has a broad appeal while incorporating her truly unique visual aspect.

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