© Timothy Saccenti

Timothy Saccenti is a director and photographer who lives in New York city and works worldwide. His reputation for creating singularly unique, immersive, stylized worlds for his subjects has put him in demand amongst industry-wide leading edge musicians, creative directors and, more recently, fine art galleries. Timothy’s approach – attention to detail bordering on the obsessive, heavily art directed synthetic realities – paints each subject within their own personal archetypical world. Having started conceiving art works in the medium of still photography, Timothy has created portraits of pop musicians such as Erykah Badu and Pharrell while balancing collaborations with seminal experimental record labels including Warp Records and Domino. Extending into the moving image realm, Timothy directed the ground breaking music video “Atlas” in 2007 for the indie super-group Battles, earning him a director of the year nod from influential music video site Antville.com as well as the Plug awards Music Video of the Year. Following this with videos for Animal Collective, Jamie Liddel, The Big Pink and Passion Pit amongst others. In 2008 he signed with world renowned production company Partizan and moved into the commercial world. Amongst other advertising projects, Timothy created the mesmerizing and controversial “Playfaces” television campaign for the launch of the Sony PS3 slim line in 2009. Also that year, he entered the fine art realm with his first solo art exhibit, “The Garden of Unearthly Delights”, held at the Diesel fine art gallery in Tokyo. It is a modern, twisted take on the garden of Eden story, featuring impregnated, otherworldly humanoid creatures in a carefully curated mixed media presentation of photography, film, audio and sculpture. The show was lauded with overwhelmingly positive press, with coverage in Rolling Stone, Vogue, Dazed Japan, Shift et. al. The Japan Times wrote, “Saccenti’s work charts a classic quest for life’s meaning within a sci-fi context”. Timothy continues to work in still photography, motion and sculpture with plans for a long format film release in the near future. His clients include Sony, Audi, Nike, Nikon, EMI, Columbia, Flaunt and Columbia.

One thought on “© Timothy Saccenti

  1. These are one of the most sensual sets of pictures I have ever come across. The third one is the most captivating. Hope to see more of these. =)


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