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SLIP vive una vita artistica in più mondi, i suoi collages tornano al futuro e agli anni settanta,  a quell’ universo stilistico pop, dai colori basici e netti, con linee pulite dal carattere minimalista.
L’immaginazione di SLip scorre libera su piani opposti alla realtà, dove i ruoli sono inusuali, surreali.  Con la sua sfrenata creatività ci permette di riscoprire e ricomporre le zone d’ombra della storia, riportandoci alla riflessione sociale. (ThePT)

øTheP:    Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

SLip:  I was born and raised in the area of Lyon in France.

øTheP:    Who (or what) do you love?

SLip:  I love working on project with other people

øTheP:    When did you first discover your creative talents?

SLip:  I started being with friends, working around a musical project. Due to my background,  I’m pretty familiar with the use of tools like Photoshop and I tried helping the project doing graphical stuffs. At the beginning, it was not really what i expected ☺

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øTheP:    Who and/or what are some of your influences?

SLip: Maybe Peter Saville for his works with many bands I like and a lot of soviet artists from the 20’s like El Lissitzky. But I like people like Banksy for his intelligence.

øTheP:    How would you describe your art to someone who could not see/read it?

SLip: You maybe imagine a weird world where everything is possible. Giant pinguins can go to the beach, A giant basketball ball may be the next planet to reach.

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øTheP:    How do you prepare yourself for a day of working? Rituals?

SLipIt’s all start with a coffee. Then I start exploring the net, finding news or stories that could be interesting, reading my emails.  I began to work on my works, finishing old ideas, starting new works … And so on, until the end of the day. Not very sexy ;o)

øTheP:    Which is your favorite piece you have created? and Why?

SLip:   It’s difficult because I’m always trying to make pieces I’d love. As I’ve always a preference for my latest works, the next one may be the favorite …

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øTheP:    If you could spend the day with anyone, living or deceased, whom would you choose and what would hope to gain from the experience?

SLip:  I’m not a huge fan of someone. If I could take some moment with the Beatles, it could be interesting. But I think it would be only for my own pleasure …

øTheP:    What is your secret  ambition?

SLip:   I got no secret ambition  as an artist. Just hoping to do my best and to be still sincere and having fun

øTheP:    What is your favorite word?

SLip: In French, it’s “Putain” cause I use it a thousand time by days minimum


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