Ty Cole


For his eighth-grade art class in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama, Ty captured a black and white image of an airplane. From then on he knew he wanted to be a photographer. After squeezing his way through high school and two meaningless years in community college Ty left for Atlanta, Georgia to attend the Art Institute of Atlanta. It was here his true passion for “picture takin” took hold. After graduating with the “Best Portfolio Award” for his graduating class he knew he was onto something. Heading back to Alabama after graduating he landed a full-time position with a photographer in Birmingham and was introduced to the world of commercial photography. After a year and a half he could not resist the allure of New York City, so he packed his truck and headed north. After he realized they weren’t going to kick him out for talking funny he decided to stay. He has adopted New York as his new home but often travels back to his roots for family, inspiration and a little rest & relaxation. (source: .photoshelter.com)


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