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Music & Visions – projects selected by Stefano Santoni + ThePT

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Francesco Carlucci, Davide Compagnoni, Luca Paiardi are Stearica.
STEARICA is a three-piece band from Turin, Italy.
A Turin trio with an International vocation, proven by the network created during a decade: Acid Mothers Temple, Damo Suzuki, NoMeansNo, Girls vs Boys, Dälek.
A powerful and adventurous sound, especially true live: whether in concerts (also in prestigious festivals such as “Primavera Sound”/Barcelona and “Villette Sonique”/Paris) or in soundtracks (“Der Golem” commissioned by MITO festival).
“Oltre” (released in 2008) is “the best record produced in Italy in the last years” according to “Il Mucchio”, while the cult magazine “Wire” inserted STEARICA twice in its compilations.











非 Ydk Morimoe
live in JPN
I do all my work digitally.
I currently don’t sell prints or data, sorry.
If you want to contact me, please email me.
Recently I have received many messages, it is difficult to reply individually.
To people who wish to write an article about me, you do not need to ask my permission.
To people who wish to ask me who I am, I do not intend to disclose my real name, sex and age.
I do not have any account except for tumblr and pixiv

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