Music* EyELEss IN GAzA A六 Speech Rapid Fire / Photography* Takashi Kawashima – Multus

Music & Visions – selected by Massimo Di Roma + ThePT

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performer: Tomoko Mukaiyama

Eyeless In Gaza formed in February-March 1980 and released their first DIY single at once in the Spring of that year on their own Ambivalent Scale Recordings label. It was a very straight and fresh sounding startdiroma20151 with Kodak Ghosts Run Amok.
They were working very quickly the first two years and already by the end of 1980 had two full albums ready…more

Takashi Kawashima
Born in Miyagi, JAPAN, 1985. Based in Tokyo JAPAN
There are varieties of specificity about Japan. The natural disasters happening these few years are one of them. Towns were destroyed entirely by Tsunami, volcanic ashes lie thick on the ground by an eruption…what’s next? There are not many catastrophically lands in the world, and this is where I was born…more


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