Yuiki Ikeata – Kakuunohito “架空の人 – sculptures

Kakuunohito “架空の人” is
my disappearing performance unit name.

Fragment of  LTM1/2/3/4

Fragment of LTM4

The world of reality and non-reality. They are very intimate, so it is not too much to say that they are almost one.
We touch non-reality with reality as a key and sometimes touch reality using a key of non-reality.
Reality is beautiful, sad, funny and completed, but happens nothing there.
Fragments that cut out of reality already show a fictitious world.
I collect the fragments, edit, arrange and capture them.
It is just a “pure myth.”
However, my real world.” 

Fragment of LTM3

Fragment of LTM2

Fragment of LTM1



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