Daniele Buetti

“The Swiss artist Daniele Buetti has been concerned with the signs and codes of our market-driven consumer World since the late1980’s. The context of affirmative consumerism and its aesthetics reflection as found in Buetti’s work has been treated in many group exhibitions in the late 1990s. Particularly he scarified modifications of models belong to a standard cast in the discourse on beauty, market, and lifestyle. Despite the fact that this artistic field is now of substantial relevance in art historical terms, wider and deeper research on the subject has either generally left out or reduced to one sided interpretations. To begin with, Buetti’s appropriation of advertising subjects from the world of fashion and cosmetics has led many interpreters to classify him as a critic of beauty and lifestyle cult. Although this reading does describe an important aspect in Buetti’s work, it is too limited. Indeed, with this photo-scarifications, light boxes, and installations, the “King of New Pop” – to quote a title from an Italian art magazine- captures the zeitgeist of the turn of the millennium, itself well under the influence of the fashion and media industry. Yet the glamorous surface is only one aspect of Buetti’s many-facetted work.” (Chistoph Doswald. From: Daniele Buetti. Hatje Cantz)

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