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Natasha Ygel is a restless, groundbreaking and trend-setting photographer who started her career by taking pics of her rocker and Djs’ friends in the mid 90s at her studio and different scenarios. Later on fashion and publicity would come to light and she would become attracted and idetified with these two worlds. Ever since she has been working in these kind of environments as if they were part of her own nature.

Since very young she has been interested in audiovisual and experimental activities. Her exquisite taste for arts, her innovative skills coupled with her mundane perspective could only enhance the human eye of the photographer which she reveals in her pictures, creating the perfect cozy, comfortable conditions to achive the desired image. Stylish realities are crystallized with hints of irony, light and darkness all together. Her characters are casted to suit outlandish and ludic, though heart-warming situations.

With a strong artistic education, she attended workshops held by plastic artists since very young. She studied Social Communication to achieve a degree in Visual Arts with a specialization in Painting, Set of Clothes for the Opera and Stage Lighting at the Colon Theatre as well as Cinema Photography Direction.
Her fascination for music and cinema led her to embody the direction of the new trend broadcast videoclip style of the band “202”, produced by “Cariola Bross”.
Her clients include: Universal Music, Warner Music, MTV, Pop Art, Saatchi & Saatchi, Axa Insurance, Terra Network, Dirigime T.V. Moviestar, Promofilms, Artear, Solanas Vacation Club, Design Suites, Rec, Zitta Costura, Josefina Ferroni, Isadora, Toyz Hunter, Candela Thompsom, Portamento Jewelry, Ursula, Karamel.
Publishing in different media such as: Conde Nast Traveler USA, Conde Nast Traveler Italy, Catalogue, Ohlala, Vanidades, Inrrockuptibles, Planeta Urbano, Bacanal, URL, Superlab among others.

source: Natasha Ygel website

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